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There is one simple rule for all sections. You need to be stud. If you are not, work towards it. If you think you will never be, then you have lost the battle in your mind. And please dont learn English for CAT. It is not you primary school exam where you learnt something to crack the exam. Learn it for its own sake.

Here are some basic tips from my end for English

1. Read. And read as a habit. Newspapers, blogs, articles, novels and whatever you like.
When I mean newpapers, I am talking about serious stuff like The Hindu, NY Times, Guardian etc and read the Op Ed sections. Avoid tabloids, the ROI is too less
Novels need not be serious but have to have good English. And dont read something for which you will have to carry a dictionary along. And read things that interest you. My favorites are Rushdie, Seth, Wodehouse.... the list is too huge

2. Vocab better be good. Dont learn the meaning, learn the usage. It is no shame learning 3 words a day and using them.

3. Grammar comes natuarally if you read a lot. But make sure you have it right by taking small tests. If it is too bad, Wren and Martin is always there to get back to basics. And it is never a bad thing to start from scratch. Even prodigies like Sehwag and Pathan need to do it sometimes.

4. Opinions, Inferences and Arguments. If you cant make out the difference between the three, you can never crack RC neither will you be good in Group Discussion

Many may not like the above suggestion because there is no point where it says take 101 tests and practice till you perfect. Well, English is neither Java nor C#. And neither Arundati Roy nor Vikram Seth ever took RC tests. Good English comes by usage, by Learning and not by practice alone.

If you try to learn English to crack CAT, neither will you crack CAT, nor will you learn English

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