Saturday, January 03, 2009

Editorials and Opinions

It has been some time since fundaes have been flowing from my side. But I thought that I should let people know about this nice site that I came across that would help both CAT aspirants and those preparing for GD. I have always said that the key for GD prep and to crack English section in CAT is to read good stuff regularly. Specially all the editorials of good newspapers. aggregates news from various sites across the world. The section that I would recommend is the "Opinion" section. It contains Editorials and Op-eds of all key newspapers that you would want to read on the net, updated throughout the day. The best thing is that it aggregates opinions not just from the obvious ones like NY Times, Washington Post and The Hindu, but also from Khaleej Times (Middle East), The Frontier Post and other Pakistani newspapers, the conservative Washington Times, the taboidish Times of India and other leading newspapers from different corners of the world. This helps you in forming a well rounded opinion on various subjects. You get to see all sides of the stories (Read editorials on Mumbai massacre in the Pakistan newspapers to see what I am saying). Understanding of such perspectives before forming your own opinion is key to your success in GD. And of course, the quality of language used by the best columists helps improve one's English.

So now you have no reason for not reading editorials daily. And at Epapertoday you can also save the editorials/news you like, for future reference. Better still, you can share the ones that you like with your friends and also vote so that others can benifit from 'your opinion' on the opinions.
And of course, apart from the editorials there is news from everywhere including Al-Jazeera to be read. They also aggregate Regional Language newspapers, a first time that someone seems to have done it. And no fonts to be downloaded too. They dont seem to be having editorials in regional languages though, which would have been good. Hope it will come sometime.

Happy reading.

Friday, April 04, 2008

All GD Topics at one place

Couple of people said that they had difficulty finding all the GD topics discussed. They could find the analysis, but had to go thru some searching to find the topics. Surprising that very few pointed out this problem during the peak activity days. So here is a post just to improve on the manouverability of the blog and accessibility to the GD Topics. Better late than never. Hope it will help better for GD preparation

Here are the list of topics. The link for this will also come on the top right hand side of the main blog page

  1. Farm loans at lower interst rate - An economic burden caused by populist politics
  2. Chinese competition to Indian IT industry - How to take the bull by the horn
  3. Is copying western culture good for the Indian culture
  4. Boom in the Indian stock market - Is it for real
  5. Case Study - Real Estate
  6. Bribery: A menace or a means of correcting social and economic imbalance - Discuss this in Indian scenario
  7. Judicial intervention in the affairs of Govt and Parliament - Is it a necessity or is the judiciary crossing the line
  8. Case Study - Abhi and Kabhi
  9. Govt censorship of the internet - An instrusion of Freedom of speech
  10. The world with no sundays
  11. Nuclear issue - The hypocrisy of USA
  12. 24/7 News Channels - A bane to the society
  13. Alternate solutions to solve the growing pressure on infrastructure
  14. Would converting LOC into border solve kashmir issue
  15. Given all the powers of India, what steps will u take to improve India
  16. Tax cuts, A great boost for economy heading towards recession
  17. Women empowerment - A cause for increasing divorce rate in India
  18. One Super Power is better than Two


All Key Talking points at one place

I guess there was similar problem with the Key Talking Points with the link on the main page pointing directly to the analysis rather than the topic. So here goes another post to make things better.

Key Talking Points 6 - Inflation
Key Talking Points 5 - Cricket Telecast ordinance
Key Talking Points 4 - Energy and Infrastructure
Key Talking Points 3 - Stock Market
Key Talking Points 2 - Company Affairs
Key Talking Points 1 - Intellectual Property