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PI preparation

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What questions to ask the panel
How to answer - "Tell me something about yourself"

Guys who need help on their preparation can post their answers in the comment section and i shall give my views on them. Please understand that I can just guide you and cannot 'coach' you. Please read the following tips and make sure your answers conform to them before you put it. If you don’t put in time to write your answers, the end result will show. If a few guys are keen, we can have some personal sessions on the weekends. I live in Bangalore and will be willing to help those interested.

Key tips:
TIP 1: There is one thing you need to ask yourself before preparing for a PI. What kind of guys do these colleges want and how do they make sure of it in the interview. My take is they are just looking for smart and interesting people. Nothing more nothing less. Smart because you need common sense to be a business administrator. And 'interesting', because that is what you add as a flavour to your batch and afterall everyone likes interesting people.

TIP 2: The success in an interview depends on one thing - Who is it that drives the interview. You have to be the driver and steer. That will ensure that you get the questions that you had prepared for and also tries to cover everything that you want to tell them.

TIP 3: Think before you answer. Don’t jump.

TIP 4: Organize your answer in your mind and try and be crisp. Do not talk at length when you don’t need to.

TIP 5: Be honest. Don’t fart, it smells.

So with basics in place what are the questions you need to prepare for? Well, there are only a few questions that you need to prepare for. These will almost cover all eventualities.
1. Tell me something about yourself - This is the most important question. The answer to this question should take 80% of your interview preparation time. Preparing for this will help you prepare for most of the questions in the interview.
a. Write down everything that you have done in your life that is worth mentioning.
b. Try to make a compact story with the points that you have. Drop the points that don’t fit in.
c. The order of the story can be chronological if you want to take the easy path. If you think you can carry it off, make the story so that it describes your persona
d. Make sure you don’t talk about your weaknesses here. The interviewer will prod if he is interested in it.
e. Make sure you do talk about your hobbies.
f. Do not brag. At the same time don’t be hesitant to talk about the good things about you.
g. Your talk-time should not more than 3 minutes, but should not be less too. The most uncomfortable thing is that you finish the answer and the interview is making a face that has "That’s it???" written over
h. Don’t tell me your father’s name. It really doesn’t matter to me even if he is Mr. Gates himself. This is just a common example of non-value adding, time wasting answers. There are so many like "my mother is a house-wife", "I did my schooling in ABCXYZ school"...
i. Interesting things lead to more questions. And that means that you are setting the direction for the interview. If this answer is pale, then the next question can just be anything.

2. Why do you want to do an MBA - This is something that you yourself need the answer for. If you are not sure of the answer, then find it. If you don’t find it, forget it and get on with life. You have already proved you are good by cracking the entrance and afterall MBA is not everything in life.

3. There will be some tricky questions like which college would you choose if you get calls from institutes X Y and Z - Be straight, but don’t offend. You will be appreciated for your honesty if you make sure you put it in a nice way. Indecisiveness will fetch you Zero points if not negative. But you have not gone to the interview to get zero points.

4. How do you think your GD went? Can you summarize?
a. This is a question you need to think about after your GD. Your socializing with other candidates can wait till the end of your interview.
b. Be crisp and do make sure you also add opposing views expressed by people
c. Add points that you wanted to make but missed.
d. Do not complain about other candidates unless you are a perfect diplomat

5. Bouncers- Many times you may get questions that you would have never expected. Think and answer. You need not hook it for a six, leaving is an option too

I have tried to be brief in my comments as I did not want it to be a book on PI prep. The tips will be more useful if you interact and I shall add more as people post comments. If you agree, disagree or want to add something, please feel free to post your comments.

If you are keen on fundaes to tackle a particular question, please post it on comments section and I shall give my best. Blog may not be the best medium of interaction, but I wanted to help out and I could not figure out a better medium.

What questions to ask the panel
How to answer - "Tell me something about yourself"

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why MBA? What possible points can you suggest.

    7:45 PM, January 05, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    Begin with 'what kind of person you are', 'what career you had' and 'what kind of career you want'. Then talk about how an MBA fits into all this.

    I did my MBA because i wanted to get back to college life again after working for a couple of years. And i wanted to learn how companies are managed and it was an age to garner knowledge.

    Similarly, you will have a reason why you took CAT. It is only how you phrase it. it needs to be crisp and shud make sense. If you have taken CAT just because everyone else did, then it is time to think why you want to do it.

    So once you write a draft on this question, post it across and i shall help you in fine-tuning. And there is no fits-all-sizes answer for this. You will have to think and only then you will be able to defend it in the interview. Spend good time and write out your thoughts frankly and it will come out good

    11:01 PM, January 07, 2007  
    Blogger rohit said...

    hi... excellent posts...

    as far as interview goes...
    1) if i dont have certificates in the sport i play.. but i play it regularly, then would it be better to just gather knowledge abt it both theoritical and practical and go to the interview confidentally abt it , or just leave the idea of mentioning it..
    same with the mine being reading magzines..but i try to read as many diffrrent magzines as possible rather than following a particular one.. is this advisable ???

    9:26 PM, January 10, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Rohit,

    Certificates are only official confirmation. If you play a game regulary, go ahead and talk about it. Knowledge in the game shows your interest. You may not be an achiever, but you still may be good at it and be knowledgeable.

    If you are interested in magazines and do read a lot of them, you shud mention it. You shud also be able to throw in names of the ones that you read regularly. If I were the interviewer, I wud dig a little further and ask about the columns/sections you read in these and probably the authors of the same. I may also ask what interests you in these columns. It is just to make sure that you are not bluffing. It is a good hobby and you can certainly throw in some good stuff, if you prepare well.

    10:30 PM, January 10, 2007  
    Blogger rohit said...

    thnx for ur comments.. wil suruly help me to prepare..
    some more questions :

    1) i started reading novels since past 1.5 years so didnt had chance to read many.. so instead of rushing through them i should prepare one or two well so tht i can answer questions on them , right ???

    2)world affairs are sometimes asked... so an overview of all of them is only possbile .. rather than digging into them.. wht do u think ??

    3) i have done some social work so wht kind of questions can i expect ??

    thanks again for providing with such quick responses ..


    4:01 AM, January 11, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    Appreciate your constant questions. I am sure it will help many.

    1. On Novels in hobbies - Put it as, "I have hobbyX, hobbyY and though it is a recent one, I have been enjoying digging into novels"...
    Also more than your knowledge on one novel, questions will be more like which author you like and why... which has been your favourite novel... what have you been reading recently and what do you like about it... etc

    2. World affairs - Yeah you need to know about Saddam and Bush if not Barzan-Al-Tikriti and Karl Rove
    More important for you to have knowledge and 'opinions' on important world events like nuclear proliferation, global warming, Saddam hanging, North Korea, Iraq war, Darfur issue etc
    Similarly on domestic issues like reservation, judicial activism, nuclear deal with US etc etc

    3. Social work - Great. they just want to say how serious you were and how much effort it took. I personally do not count 'organising blood camps' (Wud rather count it in organising skills), collecting clothes for the poor, donating for earthquake relief etc as social work.

    I wud count volunteering for 'Aids awareness' and doing street plays for the same, volunteering for tsunami/quake relief, spending time with poor school children etc in social work. Because these not only take your time, but also lot of commitment and initiative.

    Keep your questions pouring. I also wud like it if anyone disagrees with any of my points. Different perspectives enhance the value of our learning. So keep them coming

    6:16 AM, January 11, 2007  
    Anonymous Aditya said...

    Hi Gyanee,
    I have won trophies in a few extracurricular events but do not have certificates for the same. So will that be a problem when i mention these achievements ?

    6:49 PM, January 11, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    As an institute, I wud prefer that you have certificates atleast for your 'key' achievements.

    I wud question the credibility if you say that you have played Ranji cricket and do not have a certificate. But I wud probably be fine if you say that you won the school 'chess tournament' in class 8th.

    Also if your claim seems largely credible, the institute may not be deeply concerned about the piece of supporting paper

    11:08 PM, January 11, 2007  
    Anonymous anamika said...

    If at the end of the interview, the interviewer asks me to ask a question from them. What kind of questions shall I ask?

    8:34 AM, January 12, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    I would say,
    1. Ask only those question that spontaneously crop in your mind during the GD/PI process. But do mull over it and use your discretion

    2. Something additional you want to tell and havent been able to and you want to disguise in the form of a question.
    e.g., "I have about 3 years of international experience. Does this matter in your selection criteria"
    --- You cant help it if it doesnt matter, but you have used the opportunity to tell them an interesting thing about yourself. But I wud still say, try to cover such an interesting point about yourself during the interview rather than keeping it till the end :)

    Most important thing is to avoid asking certain questions. I have tried to make a list of the same below

    1. Info that you can find on the net (This is true with most quesions that people ask). The panel would have expect you have read well from the brochures and the internet. So avoid questions like 'exchange program' etc.
    Note: Inspite of what many of you think, exchange program is only an additional self-paid trip that you can take. Please do not join an institute for the sake of a good exchange program

    2. Things that are no consequences to your decision (about the program or the institute) - Like financial help etc.
    Note: Most institutes do not offer financial help before you join in most cases. And I am sure there are very few who drop out because of lack of financial help since the banks give loans at a decent rate

    3. Things that the panel may not know or may not want to answer. So dont ask questions like when wud the results be announced or how many waitlists wud be given or what is the average salary or what is the weightage of work experience in your selection etc

    4. Silly questions :)) - Is it true that IIMB has a surpus of 100 crores?

    5. Pre-meditated questions - If you already have a question in mind to ask the panel before the PI date, better find out the answer from your peers/seniors or even me. Dont ask the question for the sake of it and look ill-informed.

    4:05 AM, January 15, 2007  
    Blogger rohit said...


    for the knowledge part,,,
    since these days we have surfeit of knowledge at our wht sources would u suggest for us to go through in order to cover any gaps..
    i know tht reading cant be done in a month or so and has to be continous process, but still could u suggest some sources which will cover any flaws ???

    5:08 AM, January 15, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    Cover the latest magazines. Last four 'Economist's (there are summary news in the first few pages) would cover a lot of current issues going on. Once you identify the issues, you can dig a little bit on the google and wikipedia (Since i am assuming that you wud spend a good time in office and wud have better access to net rather than searching magazines :))

    As for the opinion, be a little careful on the 'right' leaning of economist :)

    5:25 AM, January 15, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Gyan-ee

    Thanks for ur very helpful tips.
    A few questions:

    1) Can mobile gaming be mentioned as a hobby? I have an N Gage phone and i keep track of latest games. download n play them on my mobile. So can i mention this?
    I know it sounds a bit wierd but then again as u have said institutes look for interesting people.. does this qualify as interersting to them

    2) Also i would like you to do a bit of proof reading for my answers to why MBA and tell me about yourself questions.. U have said u can help but i couldnt find ur e-mail ID on the post . Where do i mail you.

    my name is Dilip and my id id

    9:44 PM, January 16, 2007  
    Anonymous Dilip said...

    Excellent post. It created a lot of curiosity in me to know myself in better way.Thanks a lot for providing such platform.

    I am not an avid reader and have hobbies music and movies (mostly hindi). What type of questions they can ask releted to my hobbies?

    4:48 AM, January 17, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Dilip,

    1. Mobile gaming can certainly be mentioned as a hobby. Few questions that may come your way are

    a. What interests you in mobile gaming? Why not other gaming?
    b. What are the kind of games you have on your mobile? Can you show them to us (Dont tell them that you dont own a mobile or that your mobile doesnt have games etc :))
    c. Do you buy these games?
    d. Anything that you have done to further your interest in this?

    These are just pointer questions since they want to see if you are actually interested and if so, how much.

    2. Will be fine with helping you with the questions. Please post your answers on the link
    Please read the post. And you can find my email ID there if you think your answers are very private

    3. Music and movies are hobbies of most people. So you have to show how you are better. Some extras like better knowledge, some great music collections etc may help
    You also run the risk of the panel completely ignoring the hobbies section thinking it is mundane.

    But I wud rather say that you shud write a hobby that you pursue rather even if it is mundane, than a hobby that you create for the sake of the interview

    5:20 AM, January 17, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi gyan-ee ji :)

    What shall I say if they ask me:-

    1."Did you take any coaching to prepare for MBA? If yes, how did it "coach" you for PI?"

    2."You have 4 calls currently, if you are successful in converting all 4 of them, which one will you join and why?"

    - anamika

    1:09 AM, January 27, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I have my SIBM interview on 2nd of Feb. They have an expempore round during the PI. They might ask to choose a topic on my own. What kind of topic shall I choose? Should be something realting to me, my career goals, my hobbies, my achievements etc...coz their PI lasts for only 5-7 minutes which is restricted to HR questns only. Or any current topic or eco topic etc.
    Please suggest.

    - anamika

    9:42 AM, January 27, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Anamika,

    About the first question, be frank. If you have joined a class, tell them that they did have a couple of mock sessions and helped me articulate better.
    Of course the panel does not expect you to be 'coached' for the answers.

    If you have 4 calls... if the distinction is clear like A vs L, then you may say that though you have not given a thought since the results are yet to come, you would probably choose A first. (Note that you have to put it in a nice manner, not to hurt them if you are at L interview). If it is a close call like A/B/C, then you can say that you are yet to think about such a scenario where you wud have all options. Then you would talk to people you know and then consider.

    Topic to choose - All topics will have equal weightage. Choose the one that you are comfortable with and you will be able to do better. Since the time will be less, structure well, be crisp and talk clearly

    5:05 AM, January 29, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Truly spaeking, the answers were not of much help.

    - anamika

    9:12 AM, January 30, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Anamika,

    Am sorry you felt so. Let me give it one more try. But also note that I can guide you and may not be able to give you a readymade answer. It is important to understand that interview answers have to be very customised to your scenario and if you want a customised answer, then I need to know the full background on each question

    About coaching classes or any other thing, you need to be frank. There is nothing wrong in taking a coaching class.
    About how they coached, talk about the mock session they took.

    If you have too many calls, it is better to tell that you have not decided (which I can bet will be true) and will make an informed decision later.

    And for your extempore, I wud still say that you shud pick a topic that you are comfortable with. That way you can talk better. There is no marks for the topic, but there are marks only for the content you talk under it.

    Hope it makes things clearer

    10:20 PM, January 30, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi gyanee,
    I surely do not want readymade answers, but I am dissatisfied because:

    Quoting the reply you gave me:
    "If you have too many calls, it is better to tell that you have not decided (which I can bet will be true) and will make an informed decision later."

    And quoting what you have written in the PI thread:

    "3. There will be some tricky questions like which college would you choose if you get calls from institutes X Y and Z - Be straight, but don’t offend. You will be appreciated for your honesty if you make sure you put it in a nice way. Indecisiveness will fetch you Zero points if not negative. But you have not gone to the interview to get zero points."

    Don't you think you are contradicting yourself. I think you are.

    Another thing, if you dont know which topic would be better to choose, say that you are not sure, you dont have to repeat what you had written earlier. That wont make me understand which topic is better to choose.

    That is a sincere advice, I am sorry if I sound rude.

    11:30 AM, January 31, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Anamika,

    Its great to see someone pointing out a contradiction. I think we all learn better that way. And I dont think you are rude.

    So you are fine with my answer for coaching classes. Let me make one more attempt to tell what I wanted to say for the other questions.

    1. I had said "be honest and make a choice when the college asks between X, Y and Z options". I stick by that. Note when I mean honest, it means that you shud have thought about it before the interview and also have decided on the order of colleges. You will also know what the reasons were for choosing one college over another (like location, area of interest, ranking etc). You need to elucidate that. That will show your decision making capability. This answer can get you positive/negative points depending on your reasoning and how you handle it.

    If you have many calls and you have not given it a thought, you may go for the 'informed decision later' answer. But this answer will get you zero points.

    I agree I contradicted and take back my 'Be neutral' answer. Thanks for pointing out. I guess I had changed the answer since many people who had interacted personally and thru mails were not comfortable taking a stance and had asked my advice on how to wade thru. They were fine with zero points but I dont advise that.

    2. When I repeated my last answer, it was just because I did not know a way to rephrase and I wanted to emphasise what I had said earlier. I dont know the specific answer because I dont know the options among topics. Again, the topic where you think you can make good points comes in first. Give me a list of topic options and some background and I will try and pick one for you.

    Hope my answer doesnt disappoint again and you are not angry with me anymore.

    And once again, thanks for bringing the contradtion to my notice.

    12:00 AM, February 01, 2007  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Gyan-ee,
    I have my SCMHRDs interview in afew days...need ur help regarding these qs...

    (1)What kind of a job do u want?..actually i have not finalised my specialisation as of background is eco,maths, i am inclined towards finance..but am open 2 others as how shud i answer this q.

    (2) Another - y shud i select u..wat shud b covered here?

    8:31 AM, February 05, 2007  
    Blogger rakesh said...

    hi gyanee
    i'm in my final sem of my graduation in Bio-Tech Engg.
    i have calls from MDI-IB, IMT and IMI..
    i wanted to ask u that what shud i say if they ask me:
    why MBA in IB after Bio-tech ?
    why MBA after Bio-tech ?
    i've thought a lot abt it but i'm not able to get a satisfying answer to this.....
    plz help....

    3:24 PM, February 05, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Anya,

    Q1 - You can say that your inclination is finance (Given your background) and you have not thought about the kind of job. You would rather study first and make an informed choice later (Which you shud do).
    I would also suggest that you take up other electives as well to familiarise yourself with other streams, even if you want to concentrate on finance. And if you agree with me on this point, make a mention about this in the interview.

    Q2 - In such questions talk positively about yourself rather than negatively about your competitors.
    Talk about personal strengths and value you bring by your education, background, work experience, interests etc. Value you bring could be because of your achievements or even just because it is different.
    Personally I think you would bring a strong educational background which sets you apart from many (also diverse because many will be engineers).

    5:27 AM, February 08, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Rakesh,

    I feel that Bio-tech was a natural choice for you at that point in time with the choices you had.

    Now at the end of it, you want to do an MBA to gain management knowledge and skills. And management skills are needed, whatever your background may be.

    So I think you have taken the right path. All you need to do is frame the idea in a way that you can think you can deliver well in the interview.

    5:38 AM, February 08, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    There were some questions that were sent by mail by one of the group members. I have put those questions that I thot were not personal.

    1. why MBA ?? If the panel asks that u can reach the same level anyways then why MBA ???
    MBA is to gain knowledge, not to reach anywhere. And knowledge always helps. And college is one of the best ways to acquire management knowledge. About having to be different in the answer, I think the answer is fine as long as you are convinced of what you are saying. Dont say a reason that you are not convinced of. They are looking for an honest answer rather than a good answer :). E.g., I wanted to do an MBA to get back to college as I wont be able to do that after a few years

    2. Which stream? For some colleges, you have to make a choice. How should I justify tht i want to switch from IT?
    No knowledge is a waste and so it will be with your IT experience. Afterall, once you are in the management stream even in IT, you may not use your coding knowledge anyway. Your choices, I am sure, are driven by your interests and hence you can defend it fairly

    3. Why not work for more time?
    The temperment for studies are high early in career. Though, there are certain advantages associated with work experience, I think it is better now than later

    4:21 AM, February 13, 2007  
    Blogger puja said...

    I hv prepared answers for a few questions.
    I wud like u to read dem and give ur feedback for d same ...
    where can I post u d answers??

    2:57 AM, February 18, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Hey Puja,

    You can either post it here or can send me a mail at

    11:57 PM, February 19, 2007  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    Some people had wanted me to comment on their answers for certain questions that may come up in the Interview. I am putting some of them with the comments I have replied with. Hope it helps all the people. I have picked up only those questions and answers that I thought were not personal or specific to the person. I have also maintained the anonymity of the person who has asked the questions. If people have any queries on these answers, you are always welcome to comment.

    Q: Weaknesses I want to discuss in the interview: I am impatient, bad at remembering names n think toooooo much bout everything, n I m at two extremes only like either best or worst
    A: I would have you pick one or two. Only suggestions is pick the one on which you have worked more to correct it.
    I guess you can skip forgetting names since you have stronger weaknesses :)) The rest look fine as long as you can answer three questions ---- "why do you think it is your weakness", "an example when you realised it was your weakness" and "what have you done to correct them"

    Q: Strengths I want to discuss in the interview: Sincerity, responsible, hardworking, leadership traits r requisite 4 mba a student which i possess. I would call my Veracity, urge to learn more (4m everything) n my family n frnds as my strengths
    A: You will have to be ready with atleast 3 examples from your life for each of the trait you have mentioned. Correct me if I am wrong, but with the data provided I doubt you can defend your leadership traits with examples. The rest looks good

    Q: The interviewer can ask me that I am not focused. How to handle this? After completing 12th (PCM), I appeared in Pre-Engineering Test. I joined Aircraft Maintenance Engineering .However, after completing the course (3 years) I could not get job. I re-appeared in PET\PPT Exam and enrolled for D.Pharm course (My family and I thought that after completing that course I would get license to start my own drug store and would not be unemployed no more). Simultaneously I completed my Graduation (as Non-Collegiate student) . Then I worked in a reputed Pharmaceutical company as Medical Representative for more than a year. Then i left job for preparation of MBA exams
    A: I don’t think you are confused at all. The way I see it, you have always strived to do the best and have worked hard more than most of the people do.
    You may not achieved the best or may not have got the right opportunities at the right time, but you have put all the hard work, have strived to make a good career and have always aspired to do more. So put it in that way in the interview

    Q: Personlaities that inspire you. In business world rt now i m influenced by R.Subramanium of Subhiksha, who foresighted, researched n entered in retail 10yrs before others n made it big (his turnover 224cr n expanding)then Vikram Akula in microfinance ,one of fastest growing microfinance n among TIME's 100 personalities
    A: Pick the one you are most inspired by. You should be able to tell the qualities that you have been inspired by in these people. Achievers like Vikram Akula may have achieved due to various qualities and factors. You need to tell what among those inspires you and how have you tried to inculcate that

    Q: Can I defend not having many achievements by saying I did not get enough opportunities well suited
    A: You cannot defend that you did not get an opportunity to excel
    . Because they want to see what you have achieved in the limited opps. Talk about grabbing them in the future and also talk about overall excellence rather than an isolated achievement

    Q: The interview may ask why a sudden change in stream. I am having a degree in Biology.
    A: having a Bio degree does not mean that you should not do management. If you see, engineering also does not naturally lead to an MBA. So go ahead and say that management skills and knowledge are required in every industry and you graduation only adds to your knowledge. You bring in a perspective that many others dont. And you are ready to learn from the perspectives and experience others bring

    Q: Why MBA? After introspecting myself, my cliber n acumen n various option available, i had found that mba would provide me the career n not only a job. I need to undergo metamorphosis n a gd inst will act as iodine 4 me. I want to gain experience, make myself fully prepared n then be an entrepreneur
    A: You are trying to say too many things. You are leading to more questions that answers :) They will ask you what caliber, when did you introspect and what did your introspection say, what career are you aspiring etc etc... since it is very subjective, this is not a very comfortable to area to get into in an interview. If you are doing an MBA to become an entrepreuner in future, work the answer around that. See MBA more as a tool to sharpen the skills and knowledge needed for that

    12:27 AM, February 21, 2007  
    Blogger singhal said...

    Hi gyan..

    I have a call from scmhrd.. so dont have a lot of time left for my gd pi.. i get troubled by the ques about hobbies because i dont see myself as having any hobby where i can excel and talk a lot about it. I read very ocassionally.. generally just pass my time on net when free or hang out or just sleep.. so what do i do in such a situation

    10:45 PM, January 18, 2008  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...


    It is not such a bad thing not to have a serious hobby. Afterall no one is complete, and you need not be defensive about it.

    I would say that being frank is always better. If you make up a hobby and if they dig deep on it in the interview, you will be in troubled waters.

    You can put it as "Though I dont pursue any hobby very passinately, I do read novels, surf the net on x,y,z... keep in touch with friends on the net etc etc". You may get off hand questions like "which is the best newspaper site and why do you think so...".. what do you think about future of social networking etc.

    And note that since you dont have a strong hobby, dont spend too much time on it in the interview. Take the interview in the direction of your strengths.

    Everybody has weaknesses and you will do great in the interview as long as your weakness is not the only topic of discussion in the interview.

    10:49 AM, January 21, 2008  
    Blogger Garima said...

    Hi Can u help me with wht I shoud say in tell me something about yourself question

    3:29 AM, January 24, 2008  
    Blogger Gyan-ee said...

    But you do have to tell me something about yourself for that :)

    Give it your first shot and I will give comments on improvements. Make sure you include your achievements in life, strengths, positive points, good things you have done, things you want to tell others about yoursef and hobbies

    dont worry on being wrong... and write as much as possible... and then we will cut, prune and dress it up

    4:22 PM, January 25, 2008  
    Blogger mohit said...

    IN simple words it was realy very good for the person who never faced any PI before

    11:59 PM, January 28, 2008  
    Blogger Abheek said...

    Hey Gyan-ee, really appreciate this blog! keep it up. Well, i got an IIMB call and have to write a SOP for that. i would like to ask you how to have a structured goal? i mean, i know i want to move to marketing, but can't find a way to put it in a structured manner. i know its a silly thing cause noone else can define my goals but nevertheless could you please guide me? and yes, i am still in my final year mechanical engineering, so no workeX.

    1:47 PM, February 18, 2008  

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