Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An attempt at a better prep

Hey guys,

My analysis for the GDs are still pending. Hope to catch up tomorrow since today I was involved in the below initiative

I just tried some changes in the blog to make it more user friendly and effective too. People found it difficult to figure out old topics, analysis etc and the new users found it hard to follow. So some minor changes, since one cannot change much in a blog :))

1. I have restricted the number of posts to only 4-5 on the main page and hence it takes shorter time to download.

2. Links for latest discussion topic and latest analysis are there so that you dont miss on them when new posts come in
Latest GD topic
Latest Key Talking Point

3. I have linked the articles to one another and made sections like 'GD topics', GD analysis, Key talking points etc that you can see on the top-right side of the page. When you go to each topic/taliking point, you will find links to the next topic, previous topic and the analysis too. I thought this would be helpful for people who want to read thru all the cases before their final GD/PI day

4. There is a section called complete GD analysis that you can use before your GD day. It has links to all the analysis I have done on the topics till date. Click here to go

5. Similary I will be having a section on key talking points too once we have enough of them.

6. Also from tomorrow I am planning to start a 'knowledge sessions' posts where I will post articles/editorials which I think may help the group increase knowledge on some good topics.

7.I will also request active members of the groups to search google and post specific facts/data on things that I request. So that the group will have data on five-six important things every day. This will increase the collective knowledge of the group I hope.

8. I have also removed the 'Comments' link in the main page post so that people click on the link and then post comments. This will make people read other comments before posting and helps avoid repetitions

9. I have removed Google search bar since it did not seem to return results

Lets hope all these initiatives help the group prepare better for the GD/PI. Please keep the suggestions coming and lets make it better. And is there any reason people are not having too many queries on Interviews? If there is a specific issue or problem, let me know by mail at
If it is just lethargy and you havent started working, please do immediately and put in queries at 'Queries on PI'

Lets raise the bar at the top MBA school GD/PIs this year :)


Anonymous Dilip said...

I can not think of u less than an angel. U r helping us a lot.All these are great initiatives . This well-organized prep will help us effectively and efficiently. Will surely incorporate co-operation through out all this.

1:42 AM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...

Hey Dilip,

It is just that I have been enjoying the whole experience greatly. The efforts you guys are putting is making it more enjoyable.

And thats why I am here

4:09 AM, January 25, 2007  

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