Monday, January 22, 2007

GD session over the last weekend

We had a good GD session this weekend. Though some of the guys did not turn up and it could be communication gap.
Anyway 6 people did turn up, though a little late and we were able to have one GD with a long analysis session and a query session on Personal Interviews.
We were also able to discuss some points on ‘body language’ too

The topic of discussion was “Population of India – Resource or menace”

The group came up with some superb analysis, though they fell short on some grounds.

Summary points from the group were
1. Indian population has been a boon since it is young and doing great.
2. There have been some issues of urban/rural and rich/poor divide, but that can be taken care of by the Government with efforts to properly utilize the resources
3. We have done great in sports in recent times ---- This point was beaten up by the rest of the group saying that there was no correlation between population and success in sports
4. There has been increased competition in exams like CAT etc and that has bettered the quality --- I said in my analysis that the number of people taking CAT has not increased in proportion to the population and hence this may not be true. Also it cannot be said that people passing out of IIMs now are better than those who passed out 10 years back (though they may be getting plusher jobs)
5. Appikap came up with some good stats for supporting that large population has helped in our economic growth

I may have left many points while summarising

My analysis
1. The group did not talk too much about the problems of population at all
2. With everyone talking about how it has been positive, I would have turned around and said “Inspite of all this, doesn’t the group still think that we would have been better half if there were only half the people in our country??” --- A rhetoric question, but it puts lot of things in perspective
3. The group delved too much into ‘What Government should do’ ---- Something I always say is not a good thing. We should see other things too and not just give fundae on what Government should be doing
4. The group should have discussed on the effects of population on the world and not just Indian economy. I would have said “Agreed that so much good has happened to India because of the population, but till what size can the world grow its human population” --- another rhetoric to put things inperspective.
5. My start would have been ---- its been hardly ten years since I wrote so many essays in my school on the ‘problems of population in India’. And today I am sitting here with a group that is discussing if it could be a resource too. The very fact that we are even discussing the positive side of it shows how things have changed so much for the country in the last 10 years. Sure, a huge population has been one of our banes, but it is also true that we have used it as our strength to become a better and stronger nation”

Comments from the others in the group welcome.



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