Thursday, January 11, 2007

Old GD Topic - Blue Vs red - For those who have missed


I think some of you joined my blog effort late. So I am posting an old GD topic that I had discussed under the section 'vague topics' since some people thought that it added good insights on how to handle such topics. For the weekend, we will be having one more such topic.

The topic was "Blue vs Red" and though there was no group discussion, here are the comments that I had given. It would be great if people can add more points to this. The topic for today will be put up in a short while.

1. START - The key thought battles in history could be summed as Blue vs Red. Be it Conservatives vs Democrats in the US, be it Slavery vs Anti-slavery, Be it Communism vs democracy or capitalism etc. If one follows English soccer closely, the battles-royale between Chelsea and Arsenal can also be termed as Red vs Blue. Traditionally red is seen as aggressive and firm while blue has stood for sober and flexible. So red vs blue goes beyond the boundary of colours to symbolise something more fundamental among us.
---- Note that you have given a broad outline and now the onus is on the other candidates to take each of these points and ponder over.

2.1 Blue and red are two extreme ends of the visual spectrum... but we have to note that there is more to things than the bare eye can see. So things go beyond blue and red.

2.2 - While I would choose to paint red outside, I would paint my room blue. I think it reflects my personality that I am firm and flamboyant outside while being peaceful and flexible inside.

2.3 - Red and Blue always need not be the opposite ends. Just imagine the beautiful sunset on a calm blue see. It just goes to show that two opposite ends can meet and when they do, the serenity is enchanting.
---- If you are able to get this point in when everyone else is talking about blue VERSUS red, then you cracked the GD big time

Hope the re-post helps.


Blogger Gyan-ee said...

One more red vs blue point that crossed my mind while I was having lunch today (Never knew Thai food cud be thought provoking :))

In the movie Matrix, New has to choose between the Red and the Blue pill. While the red pill will take him out of the virtual world and lead him to truth, by taking blue pill he would go back to the virtual made-up false world. So Red Vs Blue can also be pegged as virtual world Vs Reality

Btw, there is also a spoof video of matrix where blue pill is supposed to refer to IBM machines (It is called the Big Blue, remember) while the Red pill refers to the MS world of truth (duh!). Bill gates (Morpheus) offers it to Steve Balmer (Neo) in this spoof. I am sure people can dig it on youtube if they are interested

2:34 AM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...

And I just found out that this video was showed at Bill Gates Comdex 2003 keynote address

2:38 AM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger gudda said...

one more point is red is the colour of oxygenated, pure blood n blue that of deoxygenated ,impure.So,here red n blue symolises purity n impurity n moreover red symbolises life while blue death.But the point is thatbecause there is death v value life.So, in a way the two rather opposite ends strengthen each other.Ideally this shud be the way to percieve everything combining even the opp.ends to sustain life.(the same impure blood is reoxygenated n circulated by heart,in life v r the heart).

7:52 AM, February 24, 2007  

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