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Topic "Alternative Solutions to infrastructure..." - Complete Analysis

End Game:

Hey guys, really appreciate the effort you are putting in your preparation. And good approaches and points too. So here is the conslidation of the topic "Alternate solutions to solve the growing pressure on infrastructure in the big cities in India".

Additional points that cud have added value are at the end of the topic

1. Start - As I noted in my previous comment, it shud give a structure to the whole subsequent discussion. One possible start - "The problems of infrastructure can be approached in two ways. One in enhancing the infrastructure and the other is to reduce the pressure by controlling the build up. With constant efforts being made by the authorities to enhance the infrastructure, the focus now should shift to 'CONTROL' for the measures to be more effective"

2. A planning committee/authority responsible to forecast and implement. Sub-dividing the committee to handle smaller areas would help.

3. Expand infrastructure to have better roads, subways, Metros to tackle. Private participation wud help in taking care of the fund situation.

4. Spread development to smaller cities (Decentralize industry growth) to dissipate the pressure.

5. Control the expansion of traffic. Means could be bypasses, curbing and destroying illegal construction, moving slums to outskirts, toll, increase taxes, green belts and parking areas

6. Maintain the existing infrastructure better and consistently

Note that most of the times one person can be asked to summarize the GD. Above points have done the job.

My Points:
1. Govt shud put efforts to understand "Migration to urban centers from rural places" and deal with it to tackle the pressures on the cities. Note that a recent UN study said that most of our population will be in urban centers in a few years. So creating more opportunities at the rural level can curb this trend

2. Decongestion ideas
2.a) Strict imposition of traffic rules
2.b) Using scientific methods for smooth traffic flow. Like signals based on amount of traffic, straight through signalling etc
2.c) High rise parking lots to avoid road side parking

3. Generate ideas with companies to encourage car-pooling etc. Many people drive cars and mostly they are the only passenger

Parting shot:
4. Encourage social conciousness among citizens to use autos/bus/trains once or twice in a week instead of personal transport (Especially cars)
--- I wud have liked somebody bringing in this point saying, "Apart from what we wish the Govt shud do, we shud also analyse what we can do individually to make things better. Such social consciousness at grass root levels goes a long way". Just one such point and you wud take the trophy home. I insist on various approaches rather than just various points; that is what adds Value.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we have summaries s well for the same so that we can practice that s well

3:27 AM, January 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we have summaries s well for the same so that we can practice that s well

- PS

3:28 AM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...

Hey PS,

Summary has to revolve around the points that the group discussed and the approach it took. So the six points I have made itself would be a summary. In summary, like the start, you have to put broad points discuss and put them in categories.

E.g., The group approached the issue from three angles, 1. Enhancing the infrastructure and planning for it, 2. Controlling the pressure on the infrastructure by reduction and decongestion and 3. Personal contribution at an individual level.
Then you can put in the 5-6 points that I have put and that shud suffice.

Note that the important thing is to make notes of important points that the group makes during the GD. So listening is as important as speaking :). And take time and THINK before you make the summary.

Even if you are not asked to summarise in the end, you may have a question in PI as to what you thot about the GD discussion.

5:22 AM, January 11, 2007  

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