Thursday, January 25, 2007

Solutions to Key talking points - 1

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1. Yes most of the guys are right, The company owns the intellectual property rights. But only if it is mentioned in the agreement of employment, and it is usually is. Note that my company cannot have IPR on the blog I write, since it will not be covered in the agreement

2. Neither Anand, not the company can file for a patent. Computer programs/algorithms are covered under 'Copyright' only. And the copyright is owned by the company

3. Anand cannot use it since the company owns the IPR (even if the company has not 'filed' for copyright). He can use it in different disguise, but is always prone to suing. He will have to prove that either it is essential different or that it is common market algorithm/architecture etc

4. Not obligated. But may want to share to retain and motivate
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