Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answer to pick the higher number

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All the people who answered hit it right.
My only input on this would be to arrive at the same solution in a simpler way with less calculation. As I have said in some of the previous problems, conditional probability could involve some calculations and in some cases this could be avoided. (remember the hidden balls problem).

So the solution:
1. Say Aish picks up a number X.
2. The probability of Abhi picking up the same X is 1/15
3. Apart from the above case, where it could be equal, the chances of Abhi picking a higher number is equal to the chances of Abhi picking a lower number.
4. Hence the probability = (1-1/15)/2 = 7/15

The learning from this is, when there are a set of cases which are mutually exclusive, equally likely and form a comprehensive set, there is a high probability that you have a simpler way of getting the answer than going through conditional probability.

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