Friday, March 16, 2007

Topic for the Day - Take 15

Hey guys,

Many of you have been complaining to me that there is nothing much happening on the blog these days. I had been a little lazy I shud admit. But apart from that, was a little busy replying to queries on forms and PI questions on mail, was a little busy at work and also thot that there was enough preparation on GD. Am also trying to work out something for the website too.

In the meanwhile, PS has requested that I shud put in a topic that is of dear to him and he is sure that there will be good participation from the group. So here is the topic for discussion

"Given all the powers of India (being a dictator with no opposition), what steps will u take to improve India"

And my GD analysis for the last one is pending. I think this has been the nth time I am saying that it will be out soon :p.... The promise still holds good :)



Anonymous harish said...

First of all I would sit back and identify the problems that the country is facing and the roadblocks/constraints in resolving them before straight away jumping to some actions.

As I can see, the first and foremost thing that can set any country on a high growth path is the literacy. The constraints are that Indian has huge population and nothing 'out of the way' can be done to dig everyone out of the poverty, so I would look to set the quality education in the existing system rather than increasing the no of schools/instis etc. Rather than recruiting more teachers, I would look for the 'utillization' of the existing ones and would try to streamline the function as is the case with private institutes. Many private institutes fare better than public even when the teachers are getting paid lesser. So, the administration becomes an important factor. Rather than spending on mid day mean scheme, I would spend on teacher's training and the education material. I would put in place a system which can be measured in terms of performance and the necessary steps taken to improve on that.

I am Ok if the students drop out ration doesnt come down significantly, but I would like the ones who finish the primary education to be competitive enough to take it forward in future.

Second thing that I would look for is privatization and liberalization. I personally feel for a country like India, capitalism is the only solution to poverty. I dont understand the 'left' ideology at all. I would want to have the public private partnership in the areas where huge investments are required. Education, Health sector, Infrastrucuture are few of them. I would not wait for any more time before opening FDI in retail as I feel first of all its inevitable and secondly, it wont harm 'mom and pop' shops much and would thrive in a envionment of competition and is a win-win situation for all. Some changes are bound to happen in a buoyant economy like India.

Lots more to write.. Will post later soon..

10:46 AM, March 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is def not easy to manage country like India where 1 law affects so many people...Here is my attempt for the same...

1. Device a scheme to tax doctors and lawyers (may b consortium might help)
2. Encourage public private partnerships (scheme where profits is divided upon percentages)
3. Lift some worn out government orgs by making them public.
4. As for traffic, I wud introduce lane systems (2 small lanes for bikes and 2 for cars, autos and buses)
5. All public transport on CNG
6. Curb on opening of new educational institution to maintain the quality of education.
7. Strict 1 child policy and incentive to families (like pension and other things)

More def to follow


3:34 AM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger Himanshu Gupta said...

I'm quite late to post on this one but still would like to add something. I personally would never ever like to be a dictator, because a democracy has an inherent mechanism to bring out the discrepancies and inequalities present in Society as we've found out in India in case of Caste based politics. A lot many people might be against the reservations and caste-based politics but the truth is that these factors have come into play in Indian politics only because the lower castes were never allowed to take strong participation in politics commensurate with their numbers.

Suppose if would be a dictator, then i being from an upper caste, might as well have decided to crush any sort of uprising against me. But in the long run, it will kill entrepreneurship and will only foster an environment of corrupt bureaucracy where everybody will try to please me only without putting harsh and true facts before me. This is what happened in China in 1960s during era of Mao when millions of Chinese died due to bad policies at top and corrupt number-fudging officials at bottom.

I would rather let the democracy bloom instead of being a dictator.

2:00 AM, April 26, 2007  
Blogger yash said...

i think all of us uninanimously believe that the upliftment of education and infrastructure is vital.

But wht more important is EXECUTION.
I would like to say that amount allocated to these in our union budget should have accounted for better statistics than the status quo.

So the need is for a Transparent governance.So the money allocated reaches for the one they are meant for.

on this note i ll endorse need for promoting private machinery in the the vital portfolio of education and agriculture.

One should realise that today when india is emerging as strong force is because of our corporate leaders.

AMBANIS,MITTALS with their vision and prowess has brought credibility back to india.Time has come when we ask these powerful leaders to show us the direction in thefields of education and agriculture where a credible and visionery leadership is long sought

10:12 PM, February 07, 2008  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...


Private companies have always been there in education and in agriculture. While they have done a great job in education, not many have done a good job in agriculture.

On electing ambanis and mittals for getting their vision, Anil Ambani was a Rajya sabha member and I dont know of anything great he did.
Vijay Mallya has a Rajya Sabha seat and a political party and people dont even remember he has one.
Even US being the mother of all capitalist countries has not been able to elect a corporate as a president (Mitt Romney dropped out half way to a war veteran who has no idea of economics)

4:47 PM, February 08, 2008  

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