Thursday, October 11, 2007

Answers - Verbal Prep I

It has been a long gap and some people would have been disappointed at the lack of flow. I have been doing too many things recently and have not been able to find time for thinking. Of course, I dont want to put in things here that you could get elsewhere. I am sure people are using lot of CAT course materials, attending coaching classes and doing whatever else they can.

So I would rather go slow and whenever something comes up here, I promise that it will be worth your time.

Here are the answers for the last time's verbal questions. I would also suggest that you look up the net to get more on usage of the words.

1. Speakeasy - Restaurants that serve alcohol clandestinely during the prohibition period.
There is a nice history to the origin of the word. Read the article in NY times-
You can use the username/password of catfundae/catfundae

2. Aperitif - An alcoholic drink taken as appetizer before a meal.
As opposed to a digestif, which is an alcoholic drink taken after a meal to help in digestion. Both these are usually taken on the rocks and in small quantities and have a fruity flavour.

3. Tempest - A very strong windstorm.

4. Canyon - A very large chasm with steep sides. A valley with steep sides that you usually see in the wild-west movies.

5. Holler - to shout out loud. Probably originated from holla or hello.


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