Monday, January 15, 2007

PI Prep - Do you have a question??

Anamika had asked what kind of questions shud one ask at the end of the interview. So some fundaes that I did not want the group to miss since it was hidden in the PI section. For complete discussion on the PI fundaes, you can go to

For questions at the end of the interview, I would say,
1. Ask only those question that spontaneously crop in your mind during the GD/PI process. But do mull over it and use your discretion

2. Something additional you want to tell and havent been able to and you want to disguise in the form of a question.
e.g., "I have about 3 years of international experience. Does this matter in your selection criteria"
--- You cant help it if it doesnt matter, but you have used the opportunity to tell them an interesting thing about yourself. But I wud still say, try to cover such an interesting point about yourself during the interview rather than keeping it till the end :)

Most important thing is to avoid asking certain questions. I have tried to make a list of the same below

1. Info that you can find on the net (This is true with most quesions that people ask). The panel would have expect you have read well from the brochures and the internet. So avoid questions like 'exchange program' etc.
Note: Inspite of what many of you think, exchange program is only an additional self-paid trip that you can take. Please do not join an institute for the sake of a good exchange program

2. Things that are no consequences to your decision (about the program or the institute) - Like financial help etc.
Note: Most institutes do not offer financial help before you join in most cases. And I am sure there are very few who drop out because of lack of financial help since the banks give loans at a decent rate

3. Things that the panel may not know or may not want to answer. So dont ask questions like when wud the results be announced or how many waitlists wud be given or what is the average salary or what is the weightage of work experience in your selection etc

4. Silly questions :)) - Is it true that IIMB has a surpus of 100 crores?

5. Pre-meditated questions - If you already have a question in mind to ask the panel before the PI date, better find out the answer from your peers/seniors or even me. Dont ask the question for the sake of it and look ill-informed.



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