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Topic "24/7 channels..." - Complete Analysis

End Game:

Here are my comments on the GD. Summary of the whole discussion and my points/ideas will follow.

1. The group fell into the negative trap that I had set with the topic. Beware. The group is expected to look at all angles and generate views/counter-views. I am sure lot of people will have positive things to say about media once you read a few of my points

2. Good to see people countering some arguments.

3. On the whole the group covered a wide number of points, if not wide number of angles

4. Couple of points like 'social conciousness thru citizen journalist' by Anya and 'viewers responsibility' by Hope and the thought of how to make the media better by Rosogolla get brownie points.
Note - Only brownie points do not help you crack GDs. So dont feel that I am looking for only such points

5. One important lacking was in the usage of good phrases. Remember good phrases helps you make your point crisp and conveys more than a few examples can do. I wud have liked to see phrases like 'better access to information', 'informed decision', 'invasion of privacy' in the discussion.

Summary of the discussion:
1. Competition/commercialization has led to quicker but sometimes wrong/exaggerated news

2. Better accessibility to information has led to greater awareness among the society

3. Sting operations have been good to the society
Counter - Media has not followed up

4. The media shud also add documentaries and become more educative rather than concentrating on the news.
--- Shud have given the example of BBC, which wud have made your case stronger since it is one of the best independent news services in the world

5. Media shud be more sensitive to privacy

6. Attempt of media to increase social conciousness by citizen journalist.
Counter - Mms clips of Mumbai blasts were in bad taste
---- I wud have liked to see a counter-counter-argument saying atleast the attempt is great :)

7. Strong/Quick stands taken by the media in cases like Mumbai blasts, Saurav case and sting operations were very good. Even though there are some drawbacks, they shud be given a thumbs up.

My points:
Since many things have been covered, I have only a few points to add. You would see that most are positive points, mostly because you have covered all the negative points and I wanted to have a positive 'parting shot'

1. 24/7 channels has led to better and faster access to information to the larger public. And democracies being the voice of people works better only when the society is well informed.
--- Bringing the angle of democracy is going a step higher in the analysis (Taking a broader look)

2. I agree that there are many problems with the 24/7 channels that the group has discussed, but 24/7 channels being a new phenomena in India, they are going thru a learning phase. Mistakes are bound to happen and they will get corrected over time with increased competition, public feedback and may be to some extent government censorship
--- This point puts all the negative points about media in one wrapper and tries to throw it out. So it is a kind of counter argument against almost all blames :)

3. Though we can blame the media for videos of Saddam execution etc, we shud also have to look deeper into ourselves. There are so many of us who have watched it on the net even when we knew it was not right. So the media is just a reflection of a society
---- This was a learning from the last GD where I had said that you shud also look at solving the issues at individual level

Parting Shot:
4. 24/7 channels have many things that leave a bad taste, but looking at the big picture, they are leading to the creation of an informed and stronger society. In spite of the little potholes, the path looks fine. So i would rather sit and figure how to correct the small issues rather than blame them for it.

Good to see a healthy discussion. I want people to comment on my comments, which i think wud add more value. I wud appreciate if people come up with strong points to disagree with me.

Keep them coming and lets take the learnings to the next GD

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to know which all angles were remained uncovered except for the media being a reflection to the society. I think the angle of bringing democracy into scene was optional and tes, most of the time, we ewre concentrated on pointing out issues and their solution but not the advantages.

12:21 AM, January 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome analysis dude...and a couple of good points too....

Really liked the Democracy point.. Gives the whole thing a far bigger perspective.

Cud have had some more discussion on "germinating mass opinions", and "manipulating mass opinions"....

Cud have further discussed abt the various checks it brings into the whole system. With the media digging at the heels of each n every issue, the official, the beaureacrats and the ministers have to show more accountability...


2:38 AM, January 15, 2007  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...


The talk about democracy was not optional, it was a key. Because it gives a blanket argument to the sub-points I have made and as Rosogolla pointed, it gives a bigger and better perspective to the points that I have spoken.

And it is important for you to bring in such 'keys' into your GD. That key (or probably key chain :)) will hold the rest of your arguments together. Else all your arguments will be just splinters. If you are able to bind it with a larger idea it will reflect your views better and will stay with the panel stronger.

And note that you cud have brought in any other key. But bringing it is more important since it gels everything that you speak.

e.g., being creative, I cud have brought in the point of pros and cons with 'continuity' (since we are talking about 24/7) rather than talking too much about 'media' as such. Because if you look at it, most of the points that the group has made is true for media in general, rather than 24/7 channels.

Summarising, bring in perspectives and try to gel them with a key so that you have made your argument stronger.

3:45 AM, January 15, 2007  
Blogger Harish said...

excellent work here ... I m learning a lot from this blog & trying to make up lost time over my GD at SPJIMR ...

Thnx u all ...

4:36 AM, February 06, 2007  

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