Friday, February 02, 2007

Topic "Copying western culture"... Complete Analysis

I think the group has done a good job especially with the limitations that the topic had. The topic was chosen because it was very very difficult to rise above average in such a discussion.

My comments
1. Many people in the group gave many examples rather than drawing inferences out of this. Do not get yourself into such a trap. If you give 10 examples for the same thing that you want to say, you will not get 10 points :)

2. Try and summarise from the examples and see if you can make strong statements. That is what catches attention when everyone is talking mundane things. I have attempted that in Point No 1

3. Try and see if you can hairsplit the meaning of the topic. My attempt in point No 2
Try and see if you can bring a twist. The topic does not offer much scope, but that’s when a twist has more value :) I have attempted one twist in ‘My points’ (point No 3)

4. Counter points add value too. When someone talks about an obvious example of negative effect, try and see if there is anything positive even there. I have attempted that in Point no 4 and 5

5. Inspite of all the value adding points above, you would still need to give average examples and make average conclusions :) this is to ensure that you are constantly involved and pick up small points too

6. And as your guys pointed, this could turn to a fish market. I have written about it in detail at How to handle a Fish market GD some time back. If it is not good enough, let me know and I shall make another attempt

My points
1. Culture is what we inherit from our forefathers. But if culture were not to change, we would still have been in stone-age. So any culture is constantly changing. As a society we collectively decide, what to change and what not.

2. Copying is not good, but borrowing is. While we are selective when borrowing, we will not be when we copy

3. When we are talking about the degradation of culture, more individualism, running after money etc, are we talking about ‘the urban India’

4. People talked about growing divorce cases ---- does many divorces mean woman is more empowered now rather than saying that couples fight more now. So probably it is positive for the culture

5. People said there are more extra marital affairs now ---- Note that there has been a reduction in polygamy also (My grand dad had 2 wives). And it could be that people are more open about it these days. So we may be moving from a male dominated culture to the one of equality. I think that is positive.

For detailed analysis of each point made by people Click here



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