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Topic for the Day - Take 14

Hey Guys,

Here is an interesting and deeply political and historical topic. There is a wide scope for arguments and counter-arguments. Also there is a wide scope for discussions from various angles. So take the opportunity and get cracking.

"Would converting LOC into border solve kashmir issue. And should India agree to such a solution"

Please keep two things in mind.
1. Avoid over-bashing Pakistan
2. Avoid bashing Indian politicians

Since this being one of the last opportunities for a good GD practice before the D-day, give good thought and inculcate the learning of the past.

The analysis of the previous GD will come soon.

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Blogger Gyan-ee said...

The topic number was 13 by mistake. It had to be 14.

5:43 AM, February 08, 2007  
Blogger praful said...

India's Kashmir problem raises enormous amounts of passions in almost all parts of the country. And rightly so too!! It has claimed more thousands of lives over the years and maimed lakhs of ppl and orphaned thousands of children.

Since 1947, innumerable oppurtunities to solve this problem have been let go by politicians on both the sides(Army on Pak's side). Nehru's reluctance to move army into kash in 1947, India not able to leverage the 90000+ paki troops it had in its custody to force a deal at Tashkent and not using the signing of Indus water treaty to its advantage were some of the historical blunders. also the LOC aint the only problem between india and pak.. ther are the Sir creek, Siachen and the Baghlar dam issues too. a comprehensive solution to these problems is needed along with the determinatin of border at LOC to solve this issue forever. The LOC though not acceptable to hawks on both the sides(read the hardliners on both sides who gonna shout sellout from the rooftops)is the only solution in sight. A little give and take like the chineese border discussion is possible but a major change wouldn be acceptable to either of the sides..

Musharraf's recent proposal is a likely starter.. he has accepted majority of wat India has been all these years(like india's position on siachen, internationalising LOC etc,etc).. its better to conlude a deal wit him rite now when he's got Afghan, NWFP and the mullah probs to take care of. and for any of these deals to work, apart from the legal issues, there has to be increased ppl to ppl and trade contacts between the 2 countries. a soft border allowing the Kashmiri's
to crossover easily shld be an essential feature for any settlement solution to succeed.

but why is the Gov not responding to mush's proposal?? its because India once bitten is twice shy. Remember the lahore initiative by Vajapayee?? the kargil intrusion was being planned at the same time wen the talks were being carried out. Comin to an agrrement with the paki's is one issue and making them stick to it is another. There is a huge trust deficit among both the establishments. India blames pak for all its internal prob's, and pak blames india for supporting the tribals of NWFP etc etc. The problem of terror in india is also interlinked with this. the deal must be so executed that we maintain some pressure point over them to make them follow it or else it will follow the fate of the
shimla agreement.

10:40 AM, February 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

START:There is probably no cut & dried solution to this oft discussed stalemate. The borders are the focal point of the issue, but thats not all. The steps have to be in tandem, & have to include a change in stance of both countries.

More points:
1)Earlier, due to the interests of US in Afghanistan, Pakistan got a lot of favours, ammunition & security from it whereas India always lost out.
Currently, with India emerging as a major Asian power, US is tilting the balance on India's side. As a counterforce to China, & as an immensly profitable country.
With this in mind, decisions that were taken in Pakistan's favour, & the blind eye turned to the militant camps there, will start changing.

2)Even if the borders are drawn where the LOC currently is, there is no garuntee, that the infiltration & attacks wont continue beyond it.

Since the fight is over an idealistic idea of jihad, there is no practical end to it.

India cannot close this issue with sealing the borders.

3)The militants in question are suicide bombers & youths trained to give up their life for this cause.

It is difficult to hold a war against a group of soldiers who have guerrila war tactics, & dont care about their life.

This cannot be insulated against.

4)India being a suprior military power, could probably fight & win the border. But given the nuclear threat, & the drain it would cause on the economy, this is not a viable option.

5)The Hurriyat faction leader Mirwaiz was in Delhi to discuss a possible cessation of the activity & certain milstones to be achieved. This is an important development to be considered & taken into account.

A positive reaction from India's side would move them in our favour. & since they are the key to the militant outfits, listening & understanding their demands would give a longterm solution.

6)A willingness to move away from the war like relationship with Pakistan, in exchange of cooperation & an ending to the infiltration, would move things forward.

7)As Praful said, although we have to move towards cooperation, we have seen from past experience, that we have to keep a vigil at all times.

Mussharaf, & Bush's words cannot be taken at face value, unless backed by action.

8)Drawing the border would be just one of the outcomes of a comprehensive solution, that needs to be worked out. Given the recent weight on India's side, this is the right time, to crack down on militancy & at the same time ensure a roadmap towards cooperation.


2:37 AM, February 09, 2007  
Blogger Sumit Khandelwal said...

The daily newpaper isn't able to publish its edition without touching directly or indirectly Indo-Pak relation or some attack or intrusion brought about by the terrorist camp based in POK.This 60+ years of cold fight has kept far behind all the war fought among nations,and the result of this is still awaited by the world as it is to both the nation India & Pakistan.This war has been fought across two nation which were one, till the long LOC was drawn to distinguish the one Conutry into two nation India & Pakistan.

The LOC is just not a line seperating the two nation but also acts as a line acrooss the ideals and the thinking among the two countries. This has been intensified by the religious sects who add to increase the gap based on religion.Hindus and Muslims have been fighting across this demarcation to get hold of the beautiful valley of Kashmir.

This difference among the nation has been tried to resolve by the politician from both sides of the border.Some of the acts done in this regards are the restart of the Indo-Pak cricket, which is a religion among the masses in the subcontinent as a mean to bridge the gap.

The peace talks carried out by the nation leaders at UN assemly and SAARC summit did not bring much effect to lessen the issue across the border line over Kashmir.Even the Bus service started across the LOC failed to prove out a blessing for the fighting nation.

Ever since India has tried to come up with measures to lessen the fight across the beutiful valley and the coldest region of Siachen, It has been laid back with KArgil issue, Hijacking of aircraft and Bomb blast carried out by intelligence agent of Pakistan.India has been always at the recieving end trying to take it from them and heal the injury, as it rises up to emerge as a sound nation with an emerging economy.

Most of the attacks carried across the LOC has been governed by the millitants and terrorist who are ready to fight the guerilla war on grounds of religious fever and to encourage mistrusrt among the people.They are like a disease which has spread across KAshmir and is trying to kill both India and Pakistan.

With the new proposal of changing the LOC to a border brought in by the Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf, could be influenced by the upcoming election but may act as a blessing in disgusie for both the nation. As they sit and come up with proposal for the border they could together join hands and kill the disease of terrorism spreading across Kashmir and lead to a permanet resolution to the conflict fought over the last 60 years.

4:11 AM, February 09, 2007  
Blogger Atul said...

Start- Kashmir, one among the world's most disputed territories has kept the two nations - India and Pakistan always at bad terms. It has resulted in 3 wars in 50 years. and still a timely solution seems unachievable. We may discuss a proposed solution by many leaders i.e. to convert the LOC into a permanent border from various perspectives like socio-political, cultural and legal angles.

1) India and pakistan are one of the largest weapon markets in the world. Thanks to border dispute, inspite of being third world countries, they spend a signifiant amount of their budget on defence. Having a permanent border can make it unncessary to spend so much on weapons and teh money can be used for the upliftement of the underprivilaged of both nations.

2) The long history of war has attached sentiments of both countries with their part of kashmir as soldiers from both sides have been slained in war therefore making themlose even a inch of land that they control seems unlikely.

3) There are many people who have their relatives on both sides of LOc, there fore converting it into a permanent border means cutting them off with their families permanently. So a possible solution may be to issue special visas for people from both the sides of LOC like a family visit visa whose rules can be more relaxed than the tourist visa.

4) Since both the nations posess nuclear weapons therefore a military solution seems devastating and a political one is not likely at the present moment, so if the LOC is converted into a permanent border, The support from militancy is likely to reduce.

5)If the political as well as miltary intervention is reduced due to conversion of LOc, people in both sides of border will witness more human rights as well as economic developement.

7:35 AM, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the time of partition Kashmir has been an issue between two neighbouring nations which used to be one. Even three wars and a huge portion of the budget has not been able to resolve the issue.

1. It has resulted in the formation of various terrorist organizations, which originate from the sufferings they are subjected to, in Kashmir.
2. It also resulted in migration of various Kashmiris to other parts of India.
3. So, basically it is the common people who are affected - blasts every now and then.
4. Peace talks and agreements e.g. Lahore bus, samjhauta express started but no further progress on the Kasmir issue.
5. Recently, Prez Mush is showing a keen interest for progress in this regard. And, Pak is also being targetted by terrorist organizatns. For instance, suicide bomber attack at the courtroom in Quetta killed arnd 20 ppl.
6. A common vision of Kashmir is reqd by both the nations. Both countries should start information sharing for solving such cases.It should be a gradual process carried through talks coz millitary attack will be disastorous as both countries possess nuclear weapons.
7. Gradual demilitarization should be aimed at by carrying talks as well as force if necessary.
8. The discontent among people due to the presence and activities of the Indian army in Kashmir should also be taken care of. This can be handled once the above has been handled.
9. Making the LOC as the border does not guarantee the stopping of further infiltration, might mean an increase in Pakistan's demands.
10. India never mentions about China occupied Kashmir, China being a greater power than India. But, being a greater power than Pak, it should have POK atleast.
11. Agreeing to make the LOC as a border might mean peace in Kashmir. It might mean further commercialization of Kashmir as a tourist place, and more revenues for India.
12. 'U can progress only if your neighbours progress.' India should establish more trade relations with Pak, so as to increase Pak's eco dependence on India. India should be actively involved in south-asian FTA - SAFTA.

- anamika

7:14 AM, February 20, 2007  

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