Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Answers - Verbal Prep II

Here are the words and the meanings. Also note the usage of the words which is critical. Also dig online dictionaries for broader explaination of the words

1. Prepone - There is no English word like that and it is just a wrong usage for the antonym of postpone. The antonym for postpone is 'advance'. Postpone is just one word and not to be split as post-pone since pone has no meaning

2. Madeira - An alcohol made in the islands of Madeira. On the sidelines, you would also know that Champaigne is a sparkling wine made only in the French state of Champaigne. Even if the exact formula is used elsewhere, it cannot be called Champainge, else it will be a copyright infringement

3. Affectation - Pretense. important point to note is that it is used as a noun

4. Straiten - To restrict or make narrow. E.g., His poverty straitened his activities. This word is usually used in financial sense, though not necessarily. Also note the difference in spelling from straighten

5. Temerity - reckless bravery, audaucity. Usually not used in a positive sense.


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