Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Would you use Should, or should you use would

I have seen many people using should and would interchangeably. Sometimes people use it very confidently to make sure that it does not get noticed :).
But when it comes to the English section in CAT, things may not be so forgiving. So here is a take on the word usage of should and would

1. Used in conditional sentences: If it weren't so dark, I would have seen the house
2. When converting "will" in a direct sentence to an indirect sentence: He said he would never do it again
3. To say what used to happen: Everyday he would cry remembering her

1. Most often it is used to mean "ought to": You should not invest in the stock market now
2. Used after 'if' to express hypothetical situations: If it should rain, the match will be cancelled
3. Used after 'that' in expressing suggestions: I suggested that he should leave

Hope it helps. If you have any confusion in using them in any sentence, drop a comment and I shall get back.


Blogger Ameya Waghmare said...

Mr.Gyanee,first,kudos for this wonderful one of its kind blog which you have created.The serious aspirants are always looking for this practical stuff,advice from an already cracker.
Well,in the usage of 'should' above,the 2nd sentence does not seem wrong,but don't you think this usage is now outdated?it sounds somewhat from old english.however,great observation.
Hoping for more stuff from you in the coming months for CAT-'08.

7:37 PM, April 23, 2008  

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