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Topic "The world with...." - Complete Analysis


The topic for today will come tomorrow :)) So till then I will keep the censorship topic open for people to dig in. It is a very open ended topic and I want to see people bring in strong points and taking good stands.

And for the Sunday topic -- Oops! so many people getting senti on Sundays being gone:). The perspectives were amazing and I would give credit to the whole group for coming up with such a good GD. So I have done a different kind of analysis for this. Not much of a critique I guess. And I have also just added the points that I would have added and the start that I would have made.

Good starts by ANYA, PS, 2B, Himashu, Atul, Ronak, Aparna. Good to see that almost all of them were different and yet good ones.

Some comments
1. Though the group as such came in with various angles, note that some of you stuck with and revolved around a set of ideas. It could be because of the nature of the blog discussion, but do keep in mind to individually bring in various points

2. Avoid Hindi or other language proverbs/poems because all in the group may not understand the language. Will not get a negative from the panel, but it is better to translate to English and also keep it short

My START (was tough to be different from the group, but I have tried)
A world without Sundays, I would see, as a world without holidays and holy days. Though I am not a religious person, I feel that holy days are important for a peaceful human mind. And holidays are important for a cheerful mind. And without peaceful and cheerful minds, the world is would surely go to dogs.

My Points in between
1. God anyway seems to have had very low expectations from humans. He had to designate one day in a week as a holy day. And, with even that gone, things will be pretty grave

2. Probably a world without Sundays is a world that god would create or probably god has created for all the ungrateful animals he put on planet earth. Is that what they call hell

3... Some stole my other points :))

What the group came up with goes below. Took a lot of time to consolidate :)WoW paradigms (trophy section)
1. Another way of looking at the topic is how much importance we put to protocols. How comfortable are we if there were no rules to define when to work? when to rest? and when to have fun? --- this is what a top notch ‘consultant’ would have put

Cool points (brownie points section)
1. From another wud absolve us from the so called "MONDAY BLUES "...since every day will b a working day....getting up 4 work on monday morning or 4 that matter any other day..wud no longer b a big deal
2. No Hefty price tickets for bars and movie halls on weekends
3. We will def have to find an alternative for the famous F1 races which are held on Sundays
4. Taking the topic reframed as "World without a SUN-DAY" that is we can say that if there is a day for the entire earth wherein we dont see a sun on one of the day than what can be the conditions – you snatched it from me and you get half trophy for this point
5. We can expect large additions being made 2 d already existing list of national holidays by the governments of respective countries of d world.... coz that will b imperarive from d point of view of making life worthwhile
6. It would be an unnerving thought to sleep on saturday night & wake up on monday morning
7. A world without Sunday can also be seen in the perspective of - A World without Bombay, A World without Bangalore, A World without Madras, I hope you are getting what i mean. Some of our patriot citizens might find the word 'Sunday' offensive as the Gregorian calendar was imposed on us by the British. So, instead all around India, we might instead start using some different calendar system altogether. So, end of Sundays, Mondays an all other weekdays for Indians – Half a trophy fort this too

Good points (some points that were repeated in another form have not been included, but were nevertheless good)
1. Since time immemorial,we have been attuned 2 our daily lives in such a fashion that we work 4 six days..wholeheartedly..coz there's a sunday at d end of it...if this string of hope is taken away ..there will b no incentive left 2 work with full zeal.
2. "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY "- This maxim will aptly apply in a world with no sundays...proverbially speaking sunday is meant 2 b a "fun day"..and if such a day is crossed out from d list..we'll have a stockpile of " dull jacks "...that wud not b productive 4 d world at large...
3. World without Sunday can be looked upon by 2 perspective. One wud b from a workaholic view who wud regret a Sunday coming while one can be from a normal person's point of view who wud love a Sunday coming.
4. what does a sunday mean? It has different connotations to different people. To a professional, it is a day of relaxation, fun, shopping. To a religious christian a day to go to mass and pray. But it may also mean nothing to some people, like your maid and your watchman. Thus having no sunday would have impacts ranging from "no impact" to "heavy impact". These impacts could be on recreational, professional or ritual-based.
5. Life doen't stop for anything. Even if sundays just vanished, this world will still function. Combined wisdom of te world will readjust and find another way to balance work and fun.
6. The Christians and Jews will cry blasphemy as there will be no Sabbath to pray to God. The Atheists will be relieved world over.
7. Labour Unions world over will become charged like a nuclear fusion reactor going out-of-control at all times. Walmart Executives will become underground with their reputation already in tatters!! In countries like India, like their usual populist election manifestos, parties will commit eight days holiday weeks to all the voters if they are elected to government --- just because it was a different perspective
8. the increased productivity will mean that the "Bottom of the pyramid" will get more chance to earn the money and the world will become a more equal place to live!! --- he he heee, really???
9. A world with continuous productiveness and creativity
10. a world with a routine schedule from which there is no respite for the things out of track. Man needs a diversion from troutine tasks in order to relax and rejuvenate. A break from routine tasks provide colours and spice to his life
11. Sunday is just a idiom for a holiday during a week. A world without sunday will probably be consisting of just 6 days with one day lets say wednesday as a holiday. So we will have to work one day less every week and will get holidays more frequently. What else can we ask for
12. Sunday is a special day for food buffs. Special meals are cooked on Sunday
13. Some people like working in calm environments and hence go to offices on Sunday to complete work. Such people will have to get used to working in crowd
14. Also for the point i mentioned earlier A day without SUN in the entire world..... this would be quite ominous as per spiritual standards as Sun stands as a Power against the Evil Spirit....A day without the Sun will allow the Ones with the Evil Spirit to take immense power
15. They say,a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet..So,if there are no Sundays but any other day to take place for the sunday..will it make much difference
16. The problem of procastination will b greatly curtailed in aworld with no Sundays
17. The world with no sundays will not get 2 experience sunny weather...coz d sun will b upset with d world 4 having crossed his day
18. The world will have a tough time deciding as 2 who will b d first day of d of now SUNDAY being distinct from d remaining clearly stole d trophy....but in a world with no sundays where each day will b d same as d other..a normal working day..the world will have a tough time deciding..." WHO'S D BOSS "
19. without sundays...does it mean the world without the holiday sunday , or the world left with 6 day week
20. There go the weekend getaways as well, for who can afford a trip to Kodaikanal & back in one day
21. Monday blues would grow worse

Average and amusing ones
1. Just like d last day of a year is spent 4 making resolutions 4 d coming year..sunday serves that purpose 4 d coming week...its a day when an individual can take stock of his life..and chart out his course of action 4 d upcoming week...the world wid no sundays will have no scope 4 wud resemble a world with people who r running...with no idea as 2 where they r heading...
2. Sunday is usually used by people to come back to life from the tiresome week and to gather a little energy...
3. Looking from an optimistic point of view, if not for Sunday, we cud have kept any other day as a holiday
4. What is so special about sunday? would it matter much if it was a weekly holiday on thursday instead?
5. There will perhaps be many sting operations revealing a link between the politicians and corporates telling how corporates want to suck the life out of poor employees for increasing their profits. For the first time in History, Mallika Sherawat, Rakhi Sawant and Big-Boss will be overshadowed by Economic issues on News channels on India. --- what was this :)
6. In places like Bihar, Government babus will get increased salary for the same amount of work (or, No work!!). Anyways, they rarely go to their office --- downgraded for the parochial comment :)
7. Stock Markets will be open for a day more and that gives us more opportunity to trade --- logic ka fight hai
8. People working in US will miss the concept of long weekends in Western countries. --- would have upgraded if you had put it as ‘we will miss the concept of long weekends’. Usage of US, western unnecessary
9. Taking "SUNDAY" as the GOD of the PAGANS – were you trying to say “Taking "SUNDAY" as the day of GOD of PAGANS” Well as per the researches have found the King who believed in the SUN as the GOD was very skeptical about JESUS coming as an Enormous power to control peoples thoughts and beliefs and so he actually tried to Hide the Holy Grail and latter developed CHRISTIANITY as an optimized approach which was the combination of those who worshiped SUn and the sayings of JESUS. By adopting this approach he still remained in Power with his religion having more prominence and not going against the holy power of Jesus prevailing in People at that time --- not sure about the fact, but a very good input. But this has been downgraded since you have made no argument 
10. In Bible it is said...God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th...So,Sunday means to do nothing and so is MOnday named(meaning after do-nothing) – so what are you trying to say
11. The world with no sundays will have an additional working day --- And what day is that or am i not getting the logic?? :))
12. the world with no sundays will have countries boasting of 2..n who knows even greater rates of GDP growth... ---- really??

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