Wednesday, January 17, 2007

QnA fundaes for filling forms

Hey guys,

Some of you have been writing comments saying that you need help in writing your SOP and answering other questions on the forms of the insitutes. I shall try my best to do that in this blog. Some of you have been asking for my ID to mail these answers too.

One request is for people to read the fundaes I had written for SOP at before writing their answers. Even though the fundaes are more specific to SOP, they give you a general idea too.

Similarly also try and read up the fundaes on PI section too and that may answer some. It will not go waste anyway :) --

Couple of other basic things you have to take care before writing
1. Do not copy anyone else's answers. You will have a tough time defending in the interviews
2. Be frank, but dont be callous or rude
3. Chop your sentences to make sure you communicate well but crisply. That way you can say more in less space.
4. Review and re-review before you send

I just started this thread so that people can post their answers in the comment section rather than mail it to me. Couple of reasons for that

1. Since the whole initiative is to help out people, I want maximum people getting the benifit out of it.

2. When I reply thru mail I will have to repeat lot of fundaes to many people, which I think will get taken care if people read the comments before writing the answers. Saves time.

3. I can edit more answers this way since it avoids repetition

But if people have answers which are very specific and personal, you can send the mails to, but please note that if I feel that the questions/answers are not very specific and personal, I shall be putting them up in the comments sections in this post.

Any comments/suggestions/concerns, keep them coming



Anonymous Anonymous said...


One query, in the B form they have a question about job responsibilites and achievements.I wanted to know if I need to fill it as an essay or can i write it point wise?


10:49 AM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...

Both wud do. Whichever feels more confortable. If you are writing points, try and write a one line summary in the beginning or end.

If you want, send it across after you write and i will help edit it

10:39 PM, January 18, 2007  

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