Monday, October 22, 2007

You 'Will' or 'Shall' you?

Here comes a small write up on the word usage of 'shall' and 'will'. Many people would be using them with ease, but this is just to the benifit of the larger crowd. Also, as you prepare for English, read a lot and nothing is going to help you better in CAT, than reading more novels. And when I say novels, it is not the likes of Sydney Sheldo, the Potter series and other thrillers. Of course I love them myself, but if you have to improve English, you have to read Salman Rushdies, Nordine Gordimer and the likes

Word usage - Shall/Will
1. There is no semantic difference between 'will' and 'shall' when they are used in simple future tense and hence can be used interchangeably in suchh circumstances. E.g., "I shall not do this again" or "I will not do this again"
2. 'Shall' is used in questions. E.g., "Shall I bring him home?"
3. 'Will' is used when you want to drive a strong intention of doing something, specially when used in first person E.g., "I will never be able to crack CAT".


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