Sunday, February 10, 2008

Online GD topic 4

Thought it was time for a vague topic. This is something that people are usually not comfortable with and hence I thought we should do a couple of them, so that we can learn better.

The topic is "Smile, it is a weekend"

It sure takes some time to come out of shock from a vague topic. And hence working on a couple of them prepares you well. I hope that you guys have read the previous years, fundae on vague topic. Here are the links for quick reference

Fundae to handle vague GD topics
GD Topic - A world with no sundays

And be as creative as you like, but try and give a structure to your thoughts. Dont follow too many rules, just go ahead and enjoy.

A small note - This is the 100th post on this blog. I happened to notice it a couple of days back and felt pretty happy that what started out as a small enthu project has become useful to many people. I have had difficulty in keeping pace and giving lot of time, but I am happy that when I have put my time, I have given something valuable. Thanks for all those who patiently come here.

Also the blog has crossed more than 21000 page hits. The fact that many people find it helpful has been a driving motivation and inspires me to chug on.

As always, suggestions, disagreements and brickbrats are welcome in the comments section of the blog or you can mail them to



Anonymous Utsav said...

Weekends are the days when majority get a day or even 2 days off... Its like a relaxing getaway from the daily rigours of life...
Its also a nice conversation starter on a Monday.. hi how was your weekend?.. although i think it is asked so that people can tell other about their own exciting weekends...

There are lots of people who have to work on weekend as well, emergency workers, doctors. If the6y love thier job, it may be a reason to smile.
There are people who have a fear of smiling, its called SA (don't kow the full form)... Do they to smile?

I love weekends because the English Premier League matches are played on weekends and being a huge football fanatic, i have a reason to smile.

This line seems to be said by a person to his son or his friend who has had a terrible week or probably who hates his job

But then again, Sunday is supposedly the first day of the week and hece can't be a week end...
For some people weekends and weekdays don't matter as every single day is the same for example a mine worker...

and as it has been famously shown in calvin and hobbes
Calvin says well i have been thinking...
Hobbes in a startled way says "on a weekend?"
And calvin replies" well it wasnt on purpose"

4:53 AM, February 11, 2008  
Blogger yash said...

we are in the 21st century.the era which is marked by advent of racing cars,taller buildings and fast and exciting twenty twenty.
We have changed,for the better and sometimes for the worse.
Very often we find ourselves in the the debate that we are living increasingly in a materialistic world.IS Money the Honey??But it feels heartening to see that after thousand of years of civilization the basic elements that bring satisfaction and happiness remains almost the same.
the friday night charm is far from getting over.Here is the world Where we shrug out the sweat of a enduring week and lookout for the little sojourn to our fantasy world.Long sleep,lovely breakfast and a good stint at the golf course in the winter sun.All the remedies that a doctor would order for your pleasnt smile.
like that popular ad that there are some things that money can buy ,for others switch to the weekend.
Work hard the weekend is on our way!!!!

9:47 PM, February 11, 2008  
Anonymous SARGE said...

well if its "smile, its the weekend " i'm all teeth...this line is 100% true and
relevant to almost all ppl...coz
1)mind and body recharge time...
2)time to kick back wid friends
and family....
3)catch up on all those movies ,pending work...etc
4)best of all....get up at anytime....

only sad thing is it takes u to a high and by the end of the day ur probably
left wondering how did time rise to monday blues :<

still given the reasons above no wonder its smile its the weekend :>

10:33 AM, February 12, 2008  
Blogger Gyan-ee said...

Good going guys. Very good to see people dong well on vague topics.

I will give a complete analysis for this topic and the previous one early next week since I am travelling from NY later tomorrow.

8:27 PM, February 12, 2008  
OpenID halfrebel said...


Modern human civilization has brought the concept of sabbath in mostly all of human societies - which consists of usually one/two days of non-work for most people at the end of week. Thus, we have this concept of weekend. Though happiness due to a weekend will depend from person to person.


1) Some people look forward to weekends because it gives them rest from the hard work done during the week. While others such as tour-travel operators, restaurant owners etc. look forward to weekends because it gives them the maximum chance to earn money during the week.

2) Mostly this concept of weekend holidays is applicable to Industrial part of civilian life. Soldiers on war fronts do not have any weekend holidays. Similarly, for most farmers, freelancers and people having low-paying jobs in service sectors, there might not be any concept of weekends.

3) Most working people having internet lives usually are in a habit of sending "Hoooray, it's weekend" kind of mails to each other just before weekends. It does gives smiles to the readers, but causes immense heartburn to the IT departments of companies as these useless forward mails eat up precious server space.

4) Some people might even want to deconstruct the weekend concept by saying that, there is no such thing as a weekend and it's just an arbitrary concept devised by humans to suit themselves. We all can only smile at these people's brainy fundaes :)

-- Himanshu

1:20 PM, February 13, 2008  

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