Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Battle over, War still on

With CAT results out, and many of you having won the battle, it is time to prepare for the war.

For all those who did not make the cut, all I have to say is 'CAT is just an exam and there is more to life'. Take it chill, have a jolly good time till CAT comes around the corner next year and give it another good shot. You remember the scene in Matrix, where Keanu Reeves sees the CAT again after a few moments. And says 'Deja Vu'. Yes, it shall come again and you shall have your moment of Deja vu. Only that time, take a good aim and kill the cat.

For the ones who have have cracked CAT, you have hit the bulls eye. But the bull is still in the ring and you need to bring it down. Don the suit of a matador and get down to business.

I will start the online GDs and Interview questions for this year in a week or so, soon after the calls start knocking on your doors. In the meanwhile, go through the previous year's GD discussions and interview tips and give your feedback. Tell me if you like it, dislike it, want to change the format for the better, want any specific area of topics covered or any other tips.

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