Sunday, January 27, 2008

Online GD Topic 2

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Hi guys,

The complete analysis for Topic 1 will come tomorrow. I have given the comments for everyone who participated though. Good try for the first attempt, but we need to move up up and away from here... Yes, it does require a superman effort :)

So here comes the second topic, "Women empowerment - A cause for increasing divorce rate in India"

Certainly a controversial topic and a lot to chew on. I want to see people thinking various angles and making some good points.

A piece of advice: Dont jump to solutions right away, you will drown :)

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Online GD Topic 1

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The online GDs for 2008 start from today. I shall post a GD topic once in a while (frequency two to three a week) and would like your comments on the same.

Topic for the Day: "Tax cuts, a great boost for an economy heading towards recession"

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Some of you have asked for a case study. It will take me a little while to come up with one. In the meanwhile, if you have some with you send across to and I will suitably modify and put it out for discussion.

Also I will be starting Key talking points in a couple of days where you get to learn new things.
Click here for the Key talking points of 2007

To make it more organized and hence more useful to everyone interested, I suggested the following broad framework last year and it worked very fine

1. Write down the way you wud start such a GD - Name the section as 'START' in capital letters. You can skip this if you think you will not be able to start.

2. Write down "Discussion points" you would make in the middle of the GD. Please be crisp, but articulate.

3. I will keep putting my comments in between and also summarise at the end.

4. I will also comment on specific comments and starts. Put your name in the comments so that I can reply with specific inputs. If you still want to stay anonymous, it is fine. Atleast use a pseudonym, so that I can reply pointedly

5. Do not spend more than 15-20 minutes on a GD topic. Though I feel only 5 minutes should be allowed, I have made some space for typing, disturbances etc

6. Please do not google search on the topic before you put in your points. If you think you want to know more on the topic, do the search after you write in. Afterall, you can get a topic in the GD that you have not prepared for. So it is good to understand how to handle those topics

7. Please participate regularly and do not skip the topics you think you have no knowledge on.

8. You can track the GD comments on the blog by joining the google groups Catfundae. You can also get RSS feed by clicking on the orange button on the right sidebar

We will put in some more to this framework as it evolves. Suggestions are welcome.

Get Cracking.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Battle over, War still on

With CAT results out, and many of you having won the battle, it is time to prepare for the war.

For all those who did not make the cut, all I have to say is 'CAT is just an exam and there is more to life'. Take it chill, have a jolly good time till CAT comes around the corner next year and give it another good shot. You remember the scene in Matrix, where Keanu Reeves sees the CAT again after a few moments. And says 'Deja Vu'. Yes, it shall come again and you shall have your moment of Deja vu. Only that time, take a good aim and kill the cat.

For the ones who have have cracked CAT, you have hit the bulls eye. But the bull is still in the ring and you need to bring it down. Don the suit of a matador and get down to business.

I will start the online GDs and Interview questions for this year in a week or so, soon after the calls start knocking on your doors. In the meanwhile, go through the previous year's GD discussions and interview tips and give your feedback. Tell me if you like it, dislike it, want to change the format for the better, want any specific area of topics covered or any other tips.

Below are the links
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